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Trial Set Inspired by Issey Miyake (Pack of 3)

Trial Set Inspired by Issey Miyake (Pack of 3)

Category - Unisex

Fragrances inspired by:

L'Eau d'Issey: (Women) | Eau De Toilette | 20 ML | 0.67 US. FL. OZ
L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Sport Issey Miyake: (Men) | Eau De Toilette | 20 ML | 0.67 US. FL. OZ
Issey Miyake Blue: (Men) | Eau De Toilette | 20 ML | 0.67 US . FL. OZ
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L'Eau D'Issey is a fresh floral aquatic fragrance combines the soft and feminine notes of rose and lotus to create a captivating and airy aroma. Perfect for a romantic evening or a day spent in nature, "Flower meets Water" is a fresh and inviting fragrance that evokes feelings of peace, calm, and rejuvenation.

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Sport is a masculine fragrance that explores the thrill and excitement of sports. This scent is designed to embody the values of athleticism and adventure, with a packaging inspired by technical and sports materials. The fragrance opens with a burst of fresh and invigorating notes, creating a sensation of energy and vitality like a breath of fresh air on mountain tops.

Nuit d'Issey Bleu Astral is a romantic and evocative fragrance from Issey Miyake. This scent is inspired by the night sky and the scents of nature, and it is designed to take you on a new olfactory journey. The fragrance is characterized by its dark blue, starry night sky inspiration, making it perfect for those who love romantic and dreamy scents.

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